Upcycled Fashion

Disrupt The Cycle Of Waste

Feel Connected To The Clothes You Buy

Bold Beautiful & One of a Kind

Meeting the needs of today without effecting the needs of the future is the footprint of eco-friendly & sustainable fashion.

Benefits of Upcycled Fashion

Fashion should not be thought of as a disposable product. Upcycled fashion brings creative collaborations and alternatives to keeping our environment cleaner. These pieces are investments to your wardrobe.

Do you find yourself continuously searching for a garment that WOWS your spirit & soul?


One of a Kind

Street Style


We are collectors of unique discarded fabrics, garments & textiles.

All upcycled ingredients used are in their original form including images and art work. They are NEVER copied or reproduced .

We value the old school process of dissecting and reconstructing to promote a greener way of creating fashion.

The beautiful Minneapolis/St Paul MN area is where we call home.

Our all inclusive brand adds an upcycled twist.

Community & environment are important to us.

Together we can help make the world a better place.


What's New

Eagan Art House- Antidote Exhibition April -July 2022

3981 Lexington Ave S, Eagan MN

Textile Center - A Common Thread Exhibition July 26-Oct. 15,2022.

3000 University Ave SE #100, Minneapolis, MN

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